Wednesday, May 30, 2018

AMAZING sewing DEALS online!

So I'm always looking for the next amazing deal for my amazing peeps...hopefully, you know that.  My most expensive habbit is sewing/quilting.  Any fellow sewer/quilter can tell you it's an expensive habbit.  How can you support your habit without breaking the bank?  I'm looking for deals all of the time.  I found some...

Quilt shop quality fabric can cost on average $12/yard.  For awesome cuddle or minky fabric - $20/yard.  It adds up. 

So I've been doing some searching online and found a few sites that are offering deals online and I thought I would share them with you.  Remember these places have new deals monthly, and some daily.  So feel free to check them out daily after this blog post.  I doubt I could keep up with the daily deals.  And you don't even have to go to the fabric store...stay your jammies!  There is no way I could tell you about all of the deals, but I'm going to tell you about my favorites!  Hopefully, we have the same favorites..

Stay in your jammies, it's okay.  You don't have to drive anywhere for these deals.  They are all online.  Simply click the links to get the deals in full!  Remember I'm posting my favorites so this is not everything they have on sale. 

The first find is Sewing Machines LLC (Affiliate Link).  RIGHT NOW is their Memorial Day Sale!  It ends May 31st.  Click on the link and check out their amazing deals.  Currently they have a 10% off sewing machines and 30% off other products (needles, thread), 25% off bobbins, and 15% off scissors!  They have items for sergers, LAQ (Long Arm Quilters), embroidery, cases, everything related to sewing...including professional grade dress forms.

Image by
Image by

    My two favorite threads are on sale for 30% off!!!!  

I'm currently watching a few items on their webpage.  I'm one of those who as I see items, adds it to the cart to save it and then decide once I'm done viewing the page, which items I will buy.  Don't forget to apply the promotional code at checkout.  I do recommend viewing the entire front page first and making a note of the codes as your eyes light up with excitement on these deals. 

Second amazing deal is a local Texas business that I happened upon, ThreadArt (Affiliate Link).  If you do embroidery, this is the place for you!  RIGHT NOW - 600M of thread is less than $2.00!  Use the code SUNFUN for an extra 10% off your order.  They do have more than just thread...rhinestones, vinyl, quilting fabric, A CLEARANCE SECTION, ribbon, and sequins. 

Image from ThreadArt

Not into embroidery, they even have bags you can buy and they will do embroidery on it for you! 

This awesome small local business is located in Tomball, Texas... #promotesmallbusiness peeps! 

Want to promote another small business?  Here's one in Buda, Texas!  Fat Quarter Shop (Affiliate Link).  I may have saved the best for last.  This website has FLASH SALES.  The deal is gone in 24 hours.  If you like it, you better buy it.  This website is easy to navigate and so much fun.  Every time I'm on the the page, I find a new amazing deal.  They are also having a 10% off sale on ALL THREAD.  I think this is a sign, since all sites are having a sale!!!  Time to STOCK UP! 

Image by Fat Quarter Shop

They have precuts, quilt kits, and block of the month clubs.  Their new fabric selections are photgraphed and uploaded to the website and they look amazing.  My favorites are Firelight, Loved to Pieces, and Rustic Romance.  I just love those colors. 

One of their new products is the Spelling Bee Book by Lori Holt.  You have to check it out.  It has several quilt patterns included in the book, along with the alphabet quilt. 

Image by Fat Quarter Shop

The top deal that struck my fancy was the Nesting Box!  This is a Limited Edition Mystery Box with 11 items ranging from fabric to notion.  It's regularly $120.00 but it's on sale now for $74.98!  I think I need a late Mother's Day gift. 

Image by Fat Quarter Shop


Fat quarter bundle for $13.58!  

I know this will  keep you busy online for a while...I know I will be!  Think of all the amazing deals!  

After you check out these amazing deals online and more, I'm interested to know which deal you found to be your favorite!  Let me know in the comments below. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Are YOU prepared TODAY?

Did you know that most American families do not have enough food in their homes/residences for 3 straight days?  They certainly don't have enough food for 2 weeks.

After the 2016 Tax Day Floods in the Houston area, I have been adament about having enough food on hand for emergencies.  The first flood had me flooded into my home for over a week.  The second flood had me flooded in for almost two weeks.  I am so gratefeul that I had enough supplies to feed my family and to continue life as we know it.

With small children, I do not want a large upset in their world should we become flooded in again.  It goes far beyond food sources be prepared.

Image by

Do you have an alternate heat source?  Cooling source? Can you cook meals?  Can you stay warm?  Do you have ideas for entertainment when the electricity goes out (imperative with children)?  Do you have a real first aid kit or do you have the basic $10 first aid kit from Wal-Mart that barely has band aids and alcohol wipes?  Do you have extra medication (Rx or OTC) for days or weeks when you can't go to the store?  Do you have enough pet food to last as well?  Pet meds?  Do you have elderly neighbors that you may have to provide food for?

The questions keep coming to me the more I think about it, but how about you?  Have you thought of this?  Think that this scenario.  The weather changes suddenly and within 6 hours you have been informed by the news that you are now in a flash flood warning.  The rains come and the weather gets really bad.  All of the major roads around you are now flooded and you cannot make it out of your subdivision or even 5 minutes away from your home.  How do you survive?  What would you like to have on hand the most for comfort?  Maybe a favorite bag of chips?  Maybe chocolate?  Maybe a good book?  What do you want to have in your home for the next 14 days?  Which skills do you wish you had learned that you could use during this time?  Do you have an alternate source to charge your devices?

Not yet convinced?  What if we discuss the same scenario above...however, you are not home.  You got stuck in traffic (because everyone was rushing to be home but became stuck when the roads started flooding).  Do you have an emergency kit in your car?  Snacks?   Bottled water?  blanket?  Tools?  A tarp?  Do you have one for the kids?  Diapers?  Wipes?  Toys? Baby foods?

It can be a scary thought.

The first step to getting prepared is to have a stash of food.  Some may call this food storage.  Some serious couponers may call it a stockpile.  The point is to have enough foods in your possession to not need someone or to expect FEMA to come save the day.  There are many ways to do this.  I know a lot of people who stockpile and stash fuel for the camping stove.  Some have many bags of charcoal in their garage for the BBQ pit.  Have an alternate source to cook your foods.  You can have MREs, canned goods, dehydrated, or freeze-dried foods.  Do you know how to cook them?  Have a practice night for dinner!  My kids love it when we cook on a campfire.

Don't know where to start?  Check out my Food Storage Supplies page for a list of online sources to order food storage items.  You'll be surprised what's out there.

WATER.  Probably the most important item to have in your food storage...well, it is.  Do you have a few cases in your pantry that you are saving for an emergency?  Do you live on your own well or do you have public water?  What if the City turns off the water due to a flood or another natural disaster?  If you have freeze dried foods or dehydrated foods - do you have extra water to cook with?

Second... is having enough medical supplies.  Do you have access to medical information? Medical supplies?  What if you get injured?  Snake bit even?  Do you know what to do?  Extra medication?  Do you have enough bandages to change every day if you were significantly injured to prevent infection?

Third.  Protection & Tools.  What could you possibly anticipate?  Do you have a way to protect yourself?  What if you needed a rope or a tarp?  Is that in a bag with you or still at the store because you were debating the purchase?  Making a list of tools like a swiss army knife or a regular pocket knife, a tarp, a rope, flint or a lighter, and a candle could make the difference in several situations.

One of the TV Shows I like to watch is ALONE.  It's where a single person only has 10 items with them and they are dropped off in the middle of nowhere and the person who makes it the longest wins the prize money.  Some people live for months off the land...others don't even make it the first night.  I often think about which items they selected and which ones I would have preferred to have or contemplate their selections.

Fourth.  Develop your skills.  Something I have taken an interest in is getting my treadle sewing machine back up and running with a new belt and getting enough oil and lubricant for the machine in my pantry supply closet.  Why?  Because she can sew through 10 layers of denim and 6 layers of leather.  I may need her to make items when I can't buy them.

I'm also learning as much as I can about the dirt around me in case I need to plant a garden as food source.  I have a small garden now with a few items because we have a larger garden at the deer camp location.  I'm making a list of heirloom seeds that I would like to have on hand as well.  With heirloom seeds, I can take the next year's crop and use their seeds to grow the following year's food crop.

I'm currently gathering cookbooks and recipes that use food storage items instead of fresh ingredients.  These will be imperative to keep my family happy and the moral high during an emergency or a disaster.

Fifth.  Practice.  Practice what you know.  Practice your skills.  Learn new ones.  Have you learned how to become self-sufficient?  What other precautions have you taken?

It can be time consuming to making your family prepared for natural disasters or even possibly a job loss.  I constantly think about weather disasters and job loss as my motivations to cutting costs and being prepared.  Just take a few hours a week to start your research and make a few purchases.  There are many others who are learning the same things.  I have also learned that others who are learning the same things are willing to share their knowledge and tips and ideas with others who are interested.  People will help you learn to take care of yourself.

Their are groups everywhere and I encourage you to find one that you like and join:  Facebook, Google, online forums...  Find a topic you want to learn more about:  food storage, self-sufficiency, gardening, farming/ranching, developing a new trade or craft...  The sky is the limit here!

Image from

So, how prepared are you?  Comment below and share your ideas and tips with others and myself.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Holy moly.  The last fabric giveaway was AMAZING!  I couldn't believe how great everyone was and how excited so many people were for wanting to participate in the fabric giveaway...

So...I want to do it again!  Let's wait until we have 2,005 pageviews...then the contest ends.

How do you win? Spread the word about the contest... a comment (here on this blog post) telling me what you would make with this wonderful FOREST FROLICS line of fabric...and that's it!  You are entered into the giveaway.  

Want more than one chance to win?  Me too...


Tell your friends about the blog!

Tag friends and family to the Instagram posts and
get another entry for each person you tag!

Tag your friends and family on the Facebook page!
Get another entry for each person you tag!

Follow the Facebook page My Charming Cabin Life...get an entry!
(Yes, still waiting on Facebook to correct the name...)

Follow the Instagram page...get an entry!

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Already following?  Automatically entered!  No problems there.  Pretty exciting stuff, huh?  

The contest ends once the blog reaches 2,005 pageviews...
This will give enough time for everyone who wants to participate to be able to...

However, if you check the blog speeds the deadline up!  YIKES!  

For this contest, there will only be one winner...USA only please.  Only one winner....It's sad, I know.  This is an awesome giveaway!  This also has a panel (last picture, above centered) added to this stash of a gorgeous fabric line. 

Monday, May 7, 2018


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Are you going to be partying with your prizes like this deer?  Do you enjoy free fabric mailed to your home with a bit of surprise as to what it will be?  Are you anxious to see what has been sent to you - FREE OF CHARGE - AS A THANK YOU GIFT for commenting on a blog post?  Well...let's see if you won...(hint, keep reading).

My Charmed Cabin Life has a free fabric giveaway for one lucky reader who would post a comment to the blog post announcing the fabric giveaway.  Just to clear up any confusion...there were two posts made to make it easier for you to find.

I wanted to do something to thank you for reading, following along, and not judging me or my family.  It was a thank you for your kindness.  This blog has only been live for a few months and it seems that it has been welcomed into the world.  Many people follow the Instagram account...some follow the Facebook page...either will return you to the blog for the latest and greatest.

SURPRISE #1!  (Yes there are more to come!)  I will be creating a Pinterest account for this page to help pinners find the blog and to help you share and save your favorite posts.  Why Pinterest?  Because I freaking love Pinterest!  Why not save pins there for you to find too!?  I could sit on Pinterest for hours every day...

Image by

I'm so proud of how everything is unfolding for this blog and the great response to I decided to add to the fabric giveaway.  How?

Well, let's back up...all you had to do post a comment on the blog post and your name went into a drawing for a chance to win.  Seriously, that's it...There were two wonderful people who posted a comment and wanted to be entered into the drawing.  They posted the kindest comments and have posted in multiple places - Instagram and well as the blog...

How on earth can I choose just one?

Image by
I don't have to and I won't.  So HA!  

Lola Last and Tonya Baccus are the winners of the 

Please email me at with your mailing address and your prizes will be mailed to you this week!  

SURPRISE #3!  Did you think I was done? 

Well, the details on this one won't be announced until later in the week...but have you ever heard of the "Desire to Inspire" challenge?  That can be your hint about the details...

So get ready for ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!  

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Saturday, May 5, 2018


If there is one place you have to go to learn about and support your food storage for your family - it is the LDS Cannery.  I just got back from the Houston Cannery and cannot wait to tell you about it.  I am not a Mormon, let me preference by saying that.  I know folks can be too nervous when entering into a place of worship of another kind than they are use to...This was NOT like that.

First, the church or place of worship is next door to the "Home Food Storage Center" or AKA LDS Cannery.  It even has a different driveway. I walked in with Bailey in her carrier, of course.  So go!

I said hello and was greeted promptly and kindly at the front door.  I told them I had never been there and asked for the was set up like Costco in a way - pallets on the floor with the large 8.5” x 10” price tag affixed to a case near eye level.

A man and a woman were there working.  They may have been volunteers, I'm not sure.  If not, then they just started working because assistance was needed to operate the cash register.  They were very nice and even loaded my cart (AND MY CAR!) after I marked on their order form the items I intended on purchasing.  The gentleman even followed me around while I said how many cases of which items and he loaded the cart for me.  Talk about VIP!

They even had a few items on sale!  Carrots were a dollar off per can (#10 size cans) and refried beans were also on sale!

Now...what on earth could I have purchased?  Well, let's see...

1 case of apple slices
2 cases of refried beans (Hey, they were on sale!)
2 cases of Great Northern beans
2 cases of carrots
1 pouch of granola (I wanted to try it for the price!  2 pounds for $7.25!  That's crazy cheap)
1 case of macaroni pasta
1 case of potato flakes
1 case of non-fat dry milk
1 case of potato pearls
      (These are the instant potatoes with butter and goodness already mixed in...short shelf life)
1 case of onions
1 case of spaghetti bites
1 case of hard red wheat
1 case of hard white wheat
1 case of quick oats
1 pouch (2 pounds) of granola

The haul of goodies! 

Keep in mind that 1 case is equal to 6 cans that are sized as a #10 cans, not regular pantry size cans. The only exception is the potato pearls which are kept in 12 smaller pouches within a box and I think the nonfat dry milk.

Why hard wheat?  I asked the same question.  It's because when you grind it, it becomes flour.  Flour (already ground) does not have a long shelf life...WHEAT however, does.  My husband has this story that he read an article that wheat and honey were found in tombs of the Pharaohs and they were still edible.  I have not read this article.  If you have, send it to me!  I'm not recommending you eat wheat that's thousands of years old...just because it's edible, doesn't mean it's good for you.  You may "feel full" but it may also be shortly lived.

Nutrition diminishes in food...That's why I always watch for a shelf life.  I won't eat home canned goods either more than two years old.  I just won't.  I don't believe you are meant to can your own goods and eat it 20 years later.  It has zero nutritional value and I don't see how eating something that old can be good for your body.  {Don't laugh...I know someone who expects to eat their 20 year old canned goods should the zombie apocalypse come to be true...well, okay let's laugh together!}  They still to this day argue with me that it's fine and they eat off their canned goods.  Well, every time they use a can of this or that from their stash and I eat it...I get sick.  (They don't say when they use a canned item from their stash now before we eat.) My stomach says no way.  I don't even have a lot stomach issues...I don't have any really...unless I eat in that particular kitchen.  Which I don't.  Ever.  No even water from the fridge.

Back to amazing tips!  

The LDS Cannery is not the only place to purchase food storage.  Thank goodness!  Their list is extremely limited - although, VERY WELL priced!  On their wall near the checkout was a couple of postings.  One of those postings was a list of other places to purchase food storage.  Of course, I took a picture!  Here it is:

Not the best picture, but it's a great list.
I showed this list to Hubby and I am happy to say that there were new places on this list that he had not heard about.  So later during the week, in between kiddos and life, we plan on sitting down and checking out each website.  We plan on signing up for the deals and cool coupons via email as well, if it seems their website may benefit our family.  If they have items that don't seem to work for us or us in reality - then we won't.  You may want to do the same.  Never hurts to get an email with an amazing deal!  I'm all about saving money!

Another great tip the LDS Cannery had information on was a guideline posted of what you should have (or an idea, thereof) of what to have on hand per person.  It posted next to the list of other websites for food of course, I took a picture!

This is a great list to use as a guideline to build off of, however, remember IT IS YOUR FOOD STORAGE!  Don't store it if you won't eat it!  It's not going to save you any money if you won't eat it.

Now...the final tip is to know what you are going to do with your food storage.  How do you prepare it for your family in a way they will eat it?  If you don't know this, then you are possibly just wasting money.  Don't be scared.  AT ALL.

Something I have found with food storage is that other people will help you and provide ideas and recipes for you to use with your home food storage.

There are a ton of bloggers who already have recipes posted and great tips.  The hard part is finding them.  That's where I come in. One of the goals of this blog is to find recipes and link them here.  When I feel that I have found an awesome recipe, I’ll link it to my blog (so follow the blog!)...and I’ll try it and give you an honest opinion (no paid sponsorships or affiliations). This way you will know if you should keep it and try it yourself or if you should mark it as a bad recipe and save yourself the time and trouble.

This is something that I enjoy doing and it also helps me to build my own personal food storage cookbook with other details and how tos.  I’m starting to print files and recipes out to keep in a binder inside my pantry with my food storage.  You may want to do the same thing.

I’m not trying to take readers away from other bloggers!  I’m trying to help you find them!  (If you are a blogger who posts info and recipes using food storage - contact me to be added.) one of the issues I had when first starting out was finding someone who already learned things the hard way or who had a collection of great recipes.  Ever try to search blogger for other bloggers?  I hate clicking the next or back button because it changes and you don't get the same blogs. I understand why it is set up that way - but if you want to save the link, do it quickly!  Ever try to search google for other bloggers?  It’s still a pain in the butt. This blog will help you find them when you want them and will leave you not having a million websites “favorited” or "bookmarked" on your computer.  That's where I was going before I thought of making my own blog.  I'm not here to make money and hope you click on an ad (That's just an added bonus.)  Oh, I digress...

This blog started out as a way for keeping myself and my family organized in some of the most important ways - food, spiritually, and quality family time.  I have grown so much that I feel the need to share what I have learned with so many others who may be starting out brand new.  I learned most of them the hard way.  I'd prefer to save you from that trouble.

I will be creating a list of fellow food storage bloggers and will be posting it soon!  If you are interested in recipes to use immediately, checkout the sidelines of the blog in my favorite website listings.  There are several websites/blogs that I have in the list that currently have food storage recipes.  Some of I have tried...some I have not.  Let them know by posting a comment or sending them a message that you found their site through My Charmed Cabin Life!  Share the love...

If you are a food storage blogger or know of a great food storage blogger, post the website below in the comments and let's help each other build a list of resources. 

And here in Texas...

Image by

Here are two sources you can click for additional information on Cinco de Mayo:  Cinco_de_Mayo and History Channel Cinco de Mayo Info

Here's the true history of Cinco de Mayo...It's not Mexico's Independence Day as many think...It celebrates Mexico's victory in Pueblo against French forces in 1862.  I'm not a fan of wikipedia...but I know many people like to use it as a resource, but here's two sources to help confirm it is NOT about Mexico's Independence. 

Enjoy Everybody!