Thursday, August 30, 2018

The BEST Fudgey Brownies!

So, take a break from Keto for a moment...if you dare.  I decided I needed brownies.  It was a rough day.  You know what I mean...when you're at your mom breaking point...and desperately need chocolate.  Red and blue lights flashing....emergency sirens...EMERGENCY chocolate! 

Well, we had keto going on here at this house and I had no mixes ready to go and nothing really chocolate.  So I searched Pinterest and found a recipe that promised the fudgiest brownies...I had all of the ingredients.  So what was my excuse?  NONE.  I had to have them.  It really was one of those days...

I found this website called Cafe Delites...Here is the specific link to the brownies:

They really are the best brownies.  I won't go back to a box mix.  Making stuff from scratch always intimidated me a bit but I'm conquoring those fears as I build my food storage and learn more and more about recipes and food preservation.  Without my food storage, I would not have had the items needed to make these EMERGENCY Brownies...

If you haven't checked out thsi super easy homemade from scratch recipe of choclate goodness (AKA brownies), then you are missing out.  I didn't pay attention to which rack in the oven to put the pan on to bake and I'm pretty sure, that if I had, my brownies would have looked just as good as #cafedelites! 

My **ONLY** concern is that I still don't see how she got 16 servings out of this pan of brownies...LOL.  We ate this pan in one night....

Bailey even grabbed a handful and shoved it in her mouth, several times, which was pretty damn cute in my opinion.  Don't believe me?  Check out the Instagram page for the amazing cuteness of Bailey shoving brownies in her mouth.  SOO CUTE!  (And delicious!) 

Monday, August 6, 2018

East Texas Thimble Trail Quilt Show 2018

Part of my amazing summer vacay was being able to sneak off and see two quilt shows.  They were not huge and only took a couple hours to see at the most.  That's a good thing for this busy momma with a one year old and a five year old tagging along.

The first show was in Huntsville, Texas and it was called the East Texas Thimble Trail.  The show was held at the fairgrounds in one of the buildings.  I've been to this one before and actually enjoyed it I WAS VERY EXCITED to go this year.

Last year, my MIL worked with a local quilt shop ( and helped Terri with sales and such.  My mom, Hubby, and both girls came and we enjoyed the quilt show.  Hubby-not so much.  I think he got tired of chasing the five year old.  I pushed the stroller with Bailey inside and enjoyed being able to walk around in a safe environment loving the views of all the quilts and quilting goodies around me.  (PSA: I never recommend taking your husband who doesn't sew or quilt at all to a quilt show.)

This year, my MIL did not work and I picked her up and we drove to the quilt show together, with B in tow.  We ate lunch there and strolled our way through all of the aisles and enjoyed speaking to the vendors.  It was this year that I got to meet in person - TANA MUELLER!  Have you met her?  Have you seen her work?  Here's her Facebook page: Tana Mueller Facebook  Here's the shop link where I have been able to find her fabric lines: A Cowgirl Quilt Shop

Tana Mueller with Bailey

Tana Mueller is not only a former police officer and police dispatcher, but now she creates fabric lines and designs applique patterns that are simply to die for!  You have to check her out.  She has a facebook page (see above) where she posts all of her sales and latest info for upcoming designs.  I have never wanted to try applique until I saw her patterns.  Now, I have 3 waiting for the latest quilts to be finished so I can tackle them. 

Tana Mueller created the fabric line for the Thin Blue Line.  She also has the Thin Red Line (firefighters) and MORE!  She supports first responders because she was one.  I used her Thin Blue Line recently for a quilt I made for an officer I personally know - who was literally hit by a car who refused to stop in an intersection as he was directing traffic for a funeral procession.

This year I also enjoyed taking so many photographs of the quilts and the scenery around the quilt show.  I'll show you those pictures.  This year was also the first time (out of all the quilt shows I've ever been to) where a vendor actually told me to not take a picture of her quilts due to copyright laws.  I was clueless.  I had never been told that when signs were not posted at quilt shows.  I understand not taking pictures of the books or patterns because that tells you how to make it, but a picture of a quilt that's already done and on display?  How do you expect to show people and share with people what amazing things you can make with a quilt?  I kept the picture-the quilt was too amazing not to share.  You have to see this quilt!

Amazing quilt in person!
If you know the name of this quilt and who designed it, please let me know.  I'd love to check the designer out.  I wanted to take a picture of the book (yes, a book was the pattern) but that's when the vendor said not to take any pictures.  I take pictures of everything because I can't remember much.  I just look at the pictures instead of finding pen and paper to write stuff down.

Here's some other cute quilts I thought were too precious...these vendors encouraged pictures.

See the long arm in the bottom of the picture?  It was available for people to try out!!!  So you know I jumped on this right?

Most of the scribble is mine...I think I need one...It was really relaxing to do it...even though I wasn't good at it.  The evidence for that is presented above.

My absolute favorite quilt of this show was made with Riley Blake fabric...and a gorgeous Riley Blake panel....

Huge thanks to Two Chicks Quilting!  They said to take all the pictures I wanted!  They were also the only vendor who had this quilt displayed and the only one who had the fabric.  I will be ordering from them in the future.  #supportsmallbusiness They also had the long arm quilting machine up for test drives!  Very nice women at this shop.  Check them out online: Two Chicks Quilting

Ever been to a quilt show where it seemed like every vendor had the same fabric and same quilts on display?  This show was like this last year...I'm so glad it was not this way this year.  

I also found a quilt with applique patterns that my aunt had recently sent to me...I was so excited to see a quilt finished it!  Have you seen this before? 

See the dog flowers in the background?  That's them!  Aren't they cute?  I'm going to have to try them.  Have you tried them? 

Feel inspired to use some needle and thread today?  I am....Time to get moving...and eat lunch.  

Post pictures below of your most recent quilting projects!  Have a picture of a quilt that inspires you?  Post that below too!  

Happy quilting!  

Sunday, August 5, 2018

August Meal Planning Dilemmas Continue

As the chaos from vacation is coming to a close and we are starting to be "normal" (How normal are we really?) again...Hubby turns to me and says he wants to try the KETO diet.  Oh my...I asked him if he realized that our diet now is NOTHING like the Keto diet.  We eat beans and rice weekly!  Holy moly...

So this is to explain why the delay in this month's meal plan arriving on the site.  The last time he told me that he wanted to try the Keto diet, it didn't last 24 hours.  This time...he says he's serious.  So out on a trip to COSTCO we find two Keto cookbooks.  One looked heavenly and the other had recipes that sounded so good...but I thought Hubby wouldn't eat them.  So I pointed this out to him and he said he would and that it sounded great to him.

And this is the start of our bet...I bet he would not do it for one week and he said he could.  Part of this bet is hopeful for reverse psychology to kick in and I know how competitive he can be.

I have spent today and part of the last few days looking through this cookbook and drooling over the recipes.  I have picked enough recipes for the week and hopefully, they will feed a hungry husband.

If you see a page number by a recipe in the calendar instead of a link, this is the book it's referring to.  Once I start digging into the other cookbook, I'll abbreviate the titles next to the page numbers in the meal plan. (BTW-the picture of the eggplant parmesan-top right-is calling my name!)

Just a heads up - I paid $21.99 at Costco for this cookbook.  It is MUCH CHEAPER elsewhere as an ebook ($9.99 at B&N).

This month's meal isn't finished, but it will be here is the link for August 2018 Meal Plan - KETO.  I will also upload the link to the Meal Plan page. 

If you have any KETO diet tips or amazing keto recipes for picky eaters...Please send them to me at  It will be greatly appreciated!  Love to hear about recipes tried and true!

I did just make our first grocery list and order (Thanks to Instacart!) and our grocery budget is going back to $100/week to provide the fresh veggies and fruits for the diet.  Thank goodness for our food storage of spices, seasonings, meats, and other wonderful items that we can use for this diet this month.

Wish us luck! 

Friday, August 3, 2018

Back the Thin Blue Line Quilt

Summer is done...I'm still in clean up mode around the house.  We had lots of fun...we were very busy...I took a bazillion photos and will be posting some later.  I have lots of fun stories to share...most include hilarious conversations with a five year old. 

The house is a mess to prove how much fun we actually had here...we made slime, built box cars for an indoor movie theatre experience...the five year old had horse riding lessons...we went to the deer camp...went to the splash pad multiple times...went to two quilt shows...the list goes on and on.  The house is in total chaos...but here I sit enjoying my coffee and the peace and quiet before everyone else wakes up. 

I have a quilt to finish today for a fundraiser benefit tomorrow for an officer I personally know who was injured working a funeral escort through town.  He is an amazing person and has always been a perfect gentleman.  The fact that his pelvis is now shattered is really mind-blowing to me.  I can't imagine him not working, let alone confined to a bed while his body heals. 

Here is the Facebook Link to the Fundraiser Benefit:  Officer Marvin Harris Benefit.  If you feel like helping this officer, please contact the link. 

There is a Go Fund Me page for him too: Officer 151 Down Go Fund Me Page

Officer Marvin Harris is a family man who loves his family dearly.  He would always talk about his family and how much he loved his wife.  He would often times tell me about the little surprises he planned for her...

When I found out that Harris had stopped traffic for a funeral escort and a driver refused to stop and ran directly into him and his motorcycle...I was shocked.  How could something so bad happen to someone so good?  I knew I had to help in some way.  I had to!  What on earth could I do for him?  It didn't click right away...I figured I would go to the benefit and buy a few plates of food to support his fundraiser.  It wasn't until I was going through some fabric I had stashed away from Hubby's eyes that I remembered I had the Thin Blue Line fabric line by Tana Mueller.  When I saw it I opened up the panel that I had purchased and saw one of the blocks was a motorcyle cop and that's when it hit me. 

My first thought was I could do a small wall hanging size quilt for the silent auction and let them auction it off.  Then I thought maybe a small wall-hanging size wouldn't raise much money for I played with the layout and posted a few pics of progress on a few sewing sites to get ideas.  Needless to say, the quilt grew in size...

First draft:
First picture of "in progress"...

 Second draft:
Final quilt top size picture...Still in progress...

I'll post the final picture of the finished quilt tonight on Instagram!  It will be late...but I want to have it ready to give to him tomorrow at his benefit.  It will be an honor to make this for him and I hope he cherishes it forever...and I know he will. 

If you ever get a chance to go to a fundraiser or benefit for an injured officer...I recommend you go and experience the true feeling of the blue family.  Even if police officers aren't your favorite people due to a bad experience or such...just go watch them.  They are people too.  The food is ALWAYS good...I can promise you that!  LOL.  

We support the blue...#backtheblue  #thinblueline #blueforever