Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I Like Big Blocks & I Cannot Lie!

I am really enjoying making new blocks with our new Block of the Month program.  I hope you are too! 

 I was checking out the internet searching for new ideas and inspiration when I came across the Hidden Wells Block by Connie Kresin.  Have you seen this block?  It's amazing!  I love it!  Immediately, I fell in love with it!  

Connie Kresin - Photo from her blog.  

One thing I really enjoy doing is reading and learning about the person who created the block or pattern.  Connie Kresin Campbell has her own blog and you can find a link to it here: Connie Kresin Campbell Blog.  

Connie is amazing!  You must check out her blog and read all about her!  Her blog is called Freemotion by the River.  Can you tell what type of quilting she enjoys?  

Her blog is a wealth of knowledge and tutorials for us quilters...FREE tutorials!  So it's a no brainer when I decided I had to share her with you.  

She's been featured in craft magazines, worked in craft shows, published on Craftsy, and even an ambassador for Island Batik, and she does monthly blog posts for AccuQuilt!  

In other words, she's amazing! She writes and sells her patterns too, so if you would like to see her in your local quilt shop - Tell them!  

This is the block I saw and I just had to try it.  I modified it a bit and made it larger, so my pictures show it larger than her directions.  I suggest reading them and seeing her example in batiks.  It's gorgeous!  Hidden Wells Block - Free Tutorial 

This block looks hard right?  It's not.  A beginner quilter can do this and easily!  It's 2.5" strips sewn together, cut up, and then sewn back together.

Here's my experience with making the Hidden Wells Block.

I wanted my block to be larger than what Connie's turned out.  Mainly because I had so many strips of different fabrics that I just had to experiment with it.  I just couldn't narrow down my fabrics to make the smaller block...It's hard to do when you have so many awesome fabrics!  

I sewed 6 strips together with a SCANT 1/4" seam.  

Then trimmed and squared up wi
th my 12.5" block template.  

I did this twice!  

Can you believe that's the hard part?  Already halfway there!  

You will leave one block on the table and then take the other block and place them right sides together - Only Turn the Top Block Opposite of the layout of the bottom block!  Pin them together all the way around!  

Sew a 1/4" Seam all the way around the block.  Yes, all the way around.  

Then cut it on BOTH the diagonals as the picture shows.  (TWO CUTS)

You are going to open up each one and it creates a smaller square.  Press those seams!  

Move the blocks around until you have a layout that you like and attach the quarters to make two halves with a 1/4" SCANT seam.  Then attach halves to make a complete block.  

**Only caution is to line up your seams to make the lines straight and consistent.  

Then....You have a finished block!  

It looks really great and really HUGE!  Mine measures 16 1/8" after trimming and squaring it up.  So making just 4 of these blocks can make a great throw size or baby quilt.  

I used these blues to make a charity quilt for my local bee.  I think they came out great!  Our charity bee loves the throw size quilts for donations so this will be a quick quilt top to put together.  Two by two blocks with a border and you're done!  

Overall, my experience with Connie Kresin's tutorials was wonderful!  I look forward to checking out more her tutorials and learning more quilting techniques and new quilt blocks!  Her instructions may be easier than mine, so please go to her site!  I have really enjoyed Connie Kresin's site and I suggest for any quilter to take a ponder and see what she has available.  She has TONS of FREE patterns!  

What's your favorite Connie Kresin pattern?  Post it in the comments! 

  Happy Quilting!  

Saturday, March 16, 2019

It's a Holiday! Let's Celebrate!

It's a holiday!  Didn't you know?

Today, March 16, 2019....Today!  It's National Quilting Day!

And because of this...there are deals everywhere!  Have you checked out your favorite shops online, or even person?  You should totally do it!

First things first -- and no, I'm not an affiliate, I'm just a fan and love the QUILT RAMBLER!
She's a Texas gal and so I'm biased...

I found this image on her Facebook page and saving 25% on patterns is huge!  So I'm telling you about it.  Go to her Facebook page link here: The Quilt Rambler and scroll down to today's post and you will see this image.  Share it and immediately save 25%!  What a deal!  Click to follow her too.  She has a lot of great tips and gorgeous quilts she "rambles" about.  

Another great deal to check out is always The Featherweight Shop! Again, not an affiliate...I just love this site and I probably check their page every day.  They have a great following so I don't think they need too much advertising about, but...for those who are newly interested in vintage Featherweight machines -- this is the place to go!  I have made several orders and have never been disappointed.  Everything has been wonderful, so I do not hesitate to even recommend them for everyone!  

This image came from their website - I have found it best to use the same image so that my readers know exactly what to look for.  The Singer Featherweight Shop just added a huge new collection of fabrics!  So it's no surprise that their sale starts off with fabric savings!  This is not the only savings, check out their sale items listed on the page and you find more great deals for this awesome National Quilting Day!  

Want to know where National Quilting Day came from?  The Singer Featherweight Shop has the history of it on their site!  

Another great site to check out is AccuQuilt.  Ever since I bought mine, I cannot say enough good things about it.  In fact, I loved it so much I asked if I could be an affiliate...What does that mean?  That means I know about awesome sales and deals and can share with my readers first...and if you use my link I may be able to receive recognition or possibly a small payment for the referral.  Gotta pay the bills somehow right?

Right now you can save $30 on all fabric cutters until March 21st. Shop here!   Still not too sure?  Go to the site and check out all the amazing dies you can buy to make all the cutting in your life easier!  There's a phone app you can download and even save patterns for FREE!  Want to see finished quilts using the AccuQuilt?  They're on the website and phone app!  It's really awesome.  Go check them out and see how much easier they can make your quilting.

Last but definitely not least...Please go see your local quilt shops and support those small business owners.  If there's not one around you, it will be worth the drive to go visit and support a quilt shop this wonderful holiday!  We had two recently open up nearby and in opposite stay tuned for more pictures on the Instagram page (@mycharmedcabinlife!

Photo by QuiltingbyDavid - David Hurd

Share your love for quilting today!  It's the National Quilting Day holiday!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Custom Quilt Orders - UPDATE!

to all of our clients for this great success!


What does this mean?  This means there has been an overwhelming request for custom quilts and to allow enough time to finish all of the orders, means the wait list currently shows the next availability to start another custom quilt will be February 2020.


Friday, March 1, 2019

March 2019 Block of the Month -- in detail

March 2019 - 

This month’s block is called the Uneven 9-Patch Pattern Block.  This is a beginner level block and so everyone can participate without any concern of skill level!  This will make an 8.5” block.  I'm all about a 12" block for this year's sampler quilt, so I'm adding something at the end...stay tuned!  

You will need 3 different fabrics all color coordinating together in three different sizes.  You will need 4 (2.5”) squares, 4 (2.5” x 4.5”) rectangles, and 1 (4.5”) square (floral pattern fabric) to make each block. 

This block is super quick and super easy! 

STEP 1.  Pin and sew one rectangle to each side of the large square.  (Opposite sides).  Press seams toward the large square.  Or simply sew across to make 3 rows…

Do not be concerned that the edges do not match up exactly.  There will be some space in between, but somehow it all sews up nicely!  Notice my finger in the picture?  

STEP 2.  Pin and sew the small (2.5”) squares to each side of a rectangle.  You should have two left after sewing two to the large square. 

Step 3.  Pin and sew one combined unit to top and bottom of block center to complete block.  Press seams open. Match your seams up here.  

 I used my AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter to cut the fabric pieces for the block.  If you use the AccuQuilt, I used the 8” square cube – dies numbers 1, 2, & 8. 

**If you want to make this a 12” block (LIKE ME!), just add a 2.5” strip around the block! 

The fabric I choose for my sampler quilt is not the fabric shown above, that was for another project....
Back side to show seam directions.  

Pinning top row to middle row.  Be sure to match your seams up here!  

TA-DAH!  The finished block! 
Had to have some deer showing in this quilt with all the pretty spring wildflower fabric in this quilt.  You can't tell in this picture but the deer has flowers 
(dark purple to match the border fabric) in the antlers.  It's very nice.  

What do your blocks look like?  Be sure to tag us with #mcclbom, or #mycharmedcabinlifebom, or #mycharmedcabinlifeblockofthemonth!  We'd love to see them!