2019 Meal Plans

My goal this year is to test out recipes that incorporate MORE of our FOOD STORAGE supplies...

More?  Yes, more.  While I'm not anticipating 2019 being the worst year for us, I do have a quite a supply in my food storage that needs to be eaten and not wasted.  I'm using this year to refresh our food storage, where it needs to be.  I made a few trips to the Mormon Cannery in Houston, Texas and stocked up on my 30 year supplies, but I have some canned goods that need to be cycled through.

You will see several recipes from my "Recipes for Food Storage & Favorite Recipes List" this year.  This page will always be there and I will be adding to it throughout the year as I find new recipes.

{TIP: Print out the recipes you love and keep in a binder!  You never know when the internet may go down.  We are always having internet connection problems at the deer camp.  It's just easier, PLUS!!!  You end up with your very own customized cookbook of ALL of YOUR favorites!}

January 2019 Meal Plan

February 2019 Meal Plan

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