3 Day Emergency Kit List

This is just a simple basic list of items I keep in my emergency kit.  I feel, as a mom, I need more items because I'm going to end up caring and protecting for our little girls, so I have more comfort items for them too. 

  1. Jet Boil - makes hot water.  
  2. Jet Boil fuel and instructions
  3. Esbit stove and fuel tabs
  4. Water container - holds 32 ounces
  5. water purification tablets
  6. water filtration system
  7. camel pack/backpack for carrying additional water
  8. Tarp in a bag - all weather shelter - snugpak
  9. camo blanket/sleeping bag
  10. camping pillow
  11. nylar blanket (looks like aluminum foil)
  12. 2 different knives
  13. fire starter
  14. mercury - fire starter
  15. fint to make fire
  16. waterproof matches
  17. 2 emergency flares
  18. 72 hour candles
  19. camo face paint
  20. solar batter charger
  21. binoculars
  22. hand sanitizer x 2
  23. small straight razor
  24. bug spray
  25. keyfob blue lights for night time vision
  26. multi-tool
  27. garden shovel/sheers/and handsaw
  28. military grade hand shovel - etool
  29. FOOD: 
    1. 2 MREs - First Strike Meals (Veggie Taco Pasta/Chicken Pesto Pasta & Asian Style Beef Strips w/vegs/Cheese Tortellini)
    2. 4 Mountain House Meals/Skillets
      1. Turkey Tetrazinni
      2. Beef Stew
      3. Beef Stroganoff
      4. Breakfast Skillet
      5. Chicken and Rice
I also have a list ready saying to grab my combat boots, headlamp for lighting, extra clothes: socks, undergarments, shirt, pants, and jeans, gloves.  

What do you keep in your emergency kit?  Is there something you have that I haven't mentioned?  Please comment below and let's share our information.  

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