About the Author

January 2017 

I’m a new stay at home mommy of a 1 year old…and step-mother to a 4 year old adorable little girl.  I enjoy gardening, quilting, sewing, cooking, and trying to find the balance of this crazy life working in my home.  And yes, it’s work, but it’s my life.

I am a former police officer for the State of Texas and worked very hard to become Detective, not once but twice in my short career.  When I became pregnant, I took a break from my career and decided to focus on home and family while my baby was young.

While working 60-80+ hours a week I found my dream home and purchased it...a cabin.  It's on just an acre of land and I love it.  My dog has plenty of room to run and play and I never step in dog poop.

I have always worked hard and had several jobs, but none could prepare me for the current job of "mom".  While I adjust to my lifestyle and new "position",  I'd like to welcome you to my crazy adventures at the charming cabin I call home.