About the Author

I’m a stay at home mommy of a now 2 year old…and step-mother to a 6 year old adorable little girl.

I enjoy gardening, quilting, sewing, cooking, and trying to find the balance of this crazy life working in my home.  And yes, it’s work, but it’s my life.

You will see lots of information about food storage, recipes, planning for disasters or emergencies as on my blog as I still have a passion for caring and protecting others.

I am a former police officer for the State of Texas and worked very hard to become Detective, not once but twice in my short career. I wore many hats as a police officer and worked hand in hand with the mental health needs of the communities I served. I was also a certified instructor for new cadets and recruits.

When I became pregnant, I took a break from my career and decided to focus on home and family while my baby was young.

While working 60-80+ hours a week I found my dream home and purchased it...a cabin.  It's on just an acre of land and I love it.

I also taught 8th grade US History here in Texas and have a Master's degree in Education - Curriculum & Instruction from the great SHSU!  Go Bearkats!

I have always worked hard and had several jobs, but none could prepare me for the current job of "mom".  While I adjust to my new lifestyle and new "position",  I'd like to welcome you to my crazy adventures at the charming cabin I call home.