2018 Meal Plans

Here's the shortcut to the Google documents of each month's meal plans.  These are mearly suggestions and are the meal plans I use for my family.  Sometimes Thursday's dinner has to be Monday's or something gets switched around...like Hubby says he'd rather have a salad than the originally planned veggie for the night.  So I just switch it around to be easy.  He may not eat it that night, but he will within the week!

I only write down dinner because for breakfast I have either a Shakeology shake, fruit, oatmeal, or just coffee.  For lunch, Bailey and I eat leftovers or make a sandwich.

These meal plans start with March.  I will try to go back and add January and February, if I have time.

I hope these give you ideas to help you with your meal planning for your busy family.

March 2018 Meal Plan

April 2018 Meal Plan

May 2018 Meal Plan

June 2018 Meal Plan

July 2018 Meal Plan

August 2018 Meal Plan-KETO

September 2018 Meal Plan

October 2018 Meal Plan

November 2018 Meal Plan

December 2018 Meal Plan

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