Thursday, January 25, 2018

Deer Camp Decisions

I came up to the deer camp last night for a couple of reasons.  Last week we had several hard freezes with temperatures in the teens and I really wanted to check on the property to see if we had any damage.  I also wanted to come up early before Hubby so I can finish the denim quilt I have laid out on the dining table.  (I have sewing and quilting everywhere in the main living space.)

I’ve had this quilt on my mind ever since I saw the pattern on Pinterest.  And who doesn’t like Pinterest?  Even Hubby has his own account on Pinterest! 

It’s Thursday morning and as I sit and drink my coffee, listening to the baby’s sound machine (yes, she is still asleep), I’m pondering all the steps to finish this denim quilt.  I have two backing choices and am unsure of which route to go.  Red?  Or blue?  I’m definitely leaning more towards one than the other, but both would be a great choice.  I can’t really go wrong here. 

I’m also considering if I should make the denim quilt larger or keep it at the wall-hanging size it currently is now.  This quilt is so gorgeous!  I’m loving it so much! 

Oh, the decisions! 

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