Wednesday, January 10, 2018

First New Recipe for the New Year!

Only 9 days into the new year (last night's dinner) and I have been keeping with my new years resolutions!  That's pretty good for me...usually I would have forgotten them by now and continued whatever habits I had planned on stopping earlier. 

My third and fourth resolutions were about cooking new meals for my family.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that looked amazing and I was only hoping that my family would eat it...I have some picky eaters here. 

I found a recipe that fit within my cooking skills and sounded delicious and something that I have never tried cooking before....Creamy Chicken Piccata

I take no credit for this recipe...but I am giving a testimony as to how great this recipe is!  My family ate their plates!  That's a huge accomplishment for picky eaters. 

I followed the recipe almost perfectly...but I have a tendency to go off and free-style my way through cooking a meal.  I did marinate my chicken breasts overnight as per the recipe...I highly recommend that.  My chicken was not dry at all! 

The recipe did call for the juice of two lemons and well, I had a bottle of lemon juice concentrate and used that instead.  Fresh would have been better, but if you do use the bottle of lemon juice you have in your fridge, don't use the 6 full tablespoons of lemon juice.  It was a bit tart.  Common sense should have kicked in for me, but it didn't...I'm still sleep deprived with a baby in my home...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  The only variation is that i probably added 2 cups of parmesan cheese instead of the 1/2 cup the recipe called for originally.  We love cheese. 

A huge kudos to!  I will use this website again for chicken recipes and I highly recommend you check them out too! 

I served this delicious meal with asparagus and garlic bread.  

What delicious meals have you made for your family?  Post the links/recipes below!  

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