Saturday, March 24, 2018

JBF North Houston - Last day - 50% OFF!

Today is the last day for the Just Between Friends North Houston sale...which means most items are 50% off today.  The sale runs 9am-1pm.  They close it at the earlier time today because they have to start separating all the items for the consignors to pick up their items, if they are not donating them. 

 As a consignor myself, I do not want to bring these items back home.  As do most consignors...We are trying to sell these items and make enough pocket money to pay for the things our kids need, maybe a bill, or maybe a present for our significant other.  There are some things that will not be for sale and they will be marked with a star on the price tag.  It's large and by the price. 

For those items without the star, they will ring up 50% off the original price.  THAT'S A HUGE SAVINGS FOR YOU! 

There will be items that some consignors will pick up today after the sale closes and we will wait for the next JBF sale to take our items and we will let them sell there.  I will be doing this because there are some items I will not donate and they are in such good condition I know that another family can enjoy them and won't mind paying a small price for them. 

If you go to you can enter your zip code and find when and where the next sale is happening.  Consignors will not have retag their items, but they will have to pay the $10 consignor fee for each sale.  I happen to find the other missing box of items I wanted to tag and sell after the sale had started.  I will be tagging those shortly and taking them to the next sale. 

This has been an awesome experience as a consignor for JBF.  Every night I can log into my account and view the tagging report to see which items sold and for which price.  It's a nice relief to see items flowing out the door knowing a check will be mailed to me shortly.  If you haven't checked out consigning with JBF, I recommend you do. 

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