Friday, April 6, 2018

Time to Update the Resume

After a few provoking thoughts, I've come to realize that I have cut myself short on my resume.  Lots of moms are...anyone who stays home and manages the home should have a killer resume and amazing job skills! 

Let's think about this..  Humor me if you don't agree right will shortly. 

Since I have become a stay at home mom, I can add numerous items to my resume.  Did you know I'm a party planner?  Currently I have 4 years in this area and have always had a happy client.  They always got what they wanted for their party.  How many party planners can say they have 100% success rate in their customer service and their reviews?  Need party entertainment?  It's taken care of.

I'm also an expert in sanitation disposal.  Need poop out of something?  I can do it.  Have a massive mess that needs to be cleaned up, wiped up, and sanitized?  I can do this too.  I can do it fast.  Have poop in the tub?  It'll be gone in 5 minutes.  Carpets need to be cleaned after years and years of never being touched with a cleaner?  I know what can get it out. 

I'm a personal chef.  Nutritionist...I can meal plan and meal prep for the month at a single moment...Need to find an awesome recipe?  I can do that too. 

Personal assistant/secretary...whatever word you want to use. I keep the family's (I mean company's) calendar.  Need to know what you are doing in a month, in a year?  I have it documented.  What time is the birthday party?  When will the dry cleaning be ready? 

I can manage a budget better than any CPA...Accounts Receivable?  Accounts Payable?  I cover those departments with multiple accounts. 

Educator with early childhood development specialty...Education Specialist?  Maybe. 

Emergency Coordinator Extraordinaire...someone coming down with a fever?  Bad weather on the way?  Food storage is ready with all possible medical supplies for my home...or company, again - whatever word you want to use.  I like company.  Meltdown or tantrum on the way?  I can tell you which routes are your best exits from the scenario.

Chafeaur...Exellent driving abilities with abilty to multitask and continue company needs with focusing on childhood development.  The ability to be in two places at one time is currently almost possible.

I also am the maintenance/lawn crew for the company with managing a small garden in two locations two hours apart.  Light bulbs go out?  Paint needs to be touched up in a corner?  on a cabinet?  How about the whole room? 

Personal shopper: clothes, toys, food, supplies, and other necessities.  Need a gift?  Forgot about Easter basket gifts?  Christmas coming too soon?  I got ya. The kids, your colleagues, your family...friends...they won't even know you didn't have a clue. 

Shipping department operator...Packages shipped?  Receiving boxes?  Need something mailed certified?  No problem. 

Alterations/Seamstress.  Lose a button?  Need the hem fixed...just hand it over.

Life Coach...I can definitely motivate you in the mornings to put clothes on for the day, keep you moving...with a smile on your face. 


The list continues the more I think about it...

What have you noticed that we could add to the list?  
Add it in the comments section below.  

We've cut ourselves short in this area.  Imagine if we could actually get paid for doing all of it!  WOWZER!  I think I should put in for a vacation!  LOL. 

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