Monday, June 11, 2018

Better Hurry! Last chance!

Did you forget something?  Do you like free fabric?  I do...and I have found that I really LOVE giving fabric away!  I have really enjoyed sharing my love of fabric of others...

So...did you forget to enter into the fabric giveaway going on right NOW?!  It's a lot of fabric and includes a really nice panel.  How do you win? Spread the word about the a comment (here on this blog post) telling me what you would make with this wonderful FOREST FROLICS line of fabric...and that's it!  You are entered into the giveaway.  

Want more than one chance to win?  I would!


Tell your friends about the blog by...

Tagging friends and family to the Instagram posts.

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Follow the Facebook page My Charming Cabin Life.

Follow the Instagram page...get an entry!

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Already following?  Automatically entered!  No problems there.  Pretty exciting stuff, huh?  

The contest ends once the blog reaches 2,005 pageviews...
This will give enough time for everyone who wants to participate to be able to...

I can't wait to see the pictures of what the winner 
creates with this wonderful fabric line!


  1. I can't wait either. Even if I don't win I would love to see what is made. I hope it's posted.

  2. You have passed your target views!! Yay! This collection is super adorable too! Someone is going to be a happy Quilter!