Friday, June 8, 2018

Is it Monday yet?

I know...I know...but I've been so tired this week I don't feel like I've rested. 

But Monday?!!!   Yes, Monday!  Monday is usually the day I "take off".  It's my "off" day.  The most I do on Mondays-feed the kids, make dinner.  That's about it.  I stay in my jammies.  Bailey stays in hers, if possible...It's a TV/play on the floor with B kind of day.  The five year old is not usually with us on Mondays...remember, preschool graduate?  She's a big deal...she has places to go....people to see...and teachers to scare.  (It's her daddy's fault...she is just like him.  I'll apologize now and promise to make great teacher appreciation gifts.)

(Back to Mondays...)

Well, two days didn't happen.  Hubby decided to work from home for some ungodly reason.  I was not too thrilled.  Usually any other day and I'm great!  But NOT on MY Monday....PLEASE!  For the Love of GOD!

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He doesn't know I take Monday "off".  It also doesn't have the same feeling of being "off" as it does when he is home.  It's not the same.  He'll walk by on the phone talking to a client or colleague and I will feel the need to be just as productive as he is...and soon, no "off" day.  I'm sure he realizes that nothing gets done on Mondays...

Mondays are my let B sleep in day....all she wants...sometimes she will wake up at 11AM.  As long as I'm quiet...I can drink my coffee in peace.  Do you know what a big deal that is?  Peace and quiet and coffee?  It's a piece of heaven!

Mondays are also my blogging days.  I love a good Monday morning cup of coffee with my writing juices flowing and some silly story to share with you.  I check my online coupons on Mondays, check the grocery sales papers for the last few days of the sale to see what on earth I really need to get before the sale is over, double check my meal plan for the week and confirm I have everything ready to go and that there are no extra trips to the grocery store that could cost us extra money we had not planned for.

I put the word OFF in quotations, because how many of us moms actually get an "off" day.  You don't.  I'll save you the trouble.  You have to be on your game 24/7.  Diapers need changing in the middle of the night?  Crying child?  Feeding in the middle of the night?  Maybe I should rename it Minimalist Mondays...the day I try to do the least...LOL.  Sounds like a great new hashtag!

How do you, as a mom, keep the balance?  What do you do on your "off" day?  Do you take an "off" day?  Help this new momma in the comments your magical secrets to balance as a mom. 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hun I don't remember days off. I remember more kids then my own. ALWAYS! Which was my own fault. We didn't let our girls go a lot of places but they could invite kids over so our house was always full. Now I have 7 grandchildren and they always want to stay with Mimi and poppee. I'm 47 with isn't old but I can't get around to good so it's hard but it's worth it. My girls will tell you mom is their best friend. I love it now lol... because growing up at times I heard I hate you. I wish you weren't my mom. Now they are mom's and know the struggles a mom go's through to keep there kids safe. With hardly no time Off.