Friday, February 15, 2019


Holy Moly...

I just received an email from AccuQuilt (you know them, right?) and they have a quilt I made on their blog!  Remember the memory quilt with the rustic star in the middle?  (posted on IG)

You have to go check out their blog post!  They discuss several quilts, but ours is the third one on the list!      
                                                                                                  AccuQuilt Blog Post

This is really, really special to me and I'm so thrilled that this quilt, which has been a labor of love, a hard labor of love, is being recognized as a great piece of work and accomplishment!  This is amazing!

Thank you AccuQuilt for appreciating this memory quilt in all it's charm!

Check out the blog and post a comment telling me what you think!  Which of the other quilts listed is your favorite?

Happy Friday Ya'll!



  1. Sarah, Congratulations on being showcases on the Accuquilt blog! The memory quilt is beautiful. As for the other quilts showcases today I do like the Nordic Winter Charm and that Snowflake Barn Black is intriguing as well.

  2. Thank you so much! I'm so happy!