Monday, April 1, 2019

April 2019 Block of the Month

It's time!  It's time!  I know you want to see the next block in our fabulously fun Block of the Month program we have building up our skills!  

Introducing the SAWTOOTH STAR!  This block had Flying Geese and this was something I really wanted to attempt.  I've never been brave enough to do it.  

I used my AccuQuilt fabric cutter and used the dies in my Qube to get my shapes.  I used die 1 - for the large square in the middle; die 2 - for the small corner squares; die 4 - for the large triangle on the sides; and die 5 - for the small triangles on the sides.  

Die 1 is the 4.5" (4" finished) Square. 
Die 2 is the 2.5" (2" finished) Square. 
Die 4 is the Quarter Square Triangle (4" finished square). 
Die 5 is the Half Square Triangle (2" finished square).  


The first thing I did was lay out my pieces in the layout of the block.

Then I sewed the Flying Geese (two small triangles sewn onto a larger triangle).  This was surprisingly easy since the dog ears are cut off in the AccuQuilt - you can easily see where to sew your SCANT 1/4" seam.

Then I sewed the corner blocks onto the Flying Geese on the top and bottom rows as you see here in this picture!


Your next step is to attach the last two Flying Geese to the large square in the middle.

When you do this, you will have your block in 3 different sections that make up your 3 rows to attach.


Take the top or bottom row and pen matching your seams.

Sew a SCANT 1/4" SEAM. 


Take the opposite row that is left and pen matching your seams. 
Sew across with a SCANT ¼” SEAM.  

Press open. 


Take the 2.5” strip of your neutral toned fabric and pin to the sides of your block.  You will sew it onto the block – SIDES FIRST.  Then sew across the top and bottom.  This will make the block 12.5” unfinished.  

This entire block takes 5 minutes to make!  Isn't that awesome?  

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