Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Previous Giveaway Winner!

In June of 2018 - A winner was announced of who won the Forest Frolics Fabric Giveaway....and it was Carol Andrews...of Canada!

Carol recently shared an update with me that she made her grandson's not 1, but 2 quilts from the giveaway!  She also said "I hope the winner of your next giveaway enjoys the prize as much as I did!"  

Those words truly made my heart smile!  

Image from Carol Andrews

I love updates and seeing all of the wonderful creations that our fellow quilters make!  Please share your updates and pictures on your works in progress!

If you would like to find out more about Carol Andrew's works in progress, you can check out her blog here: Quilt Schmilt.  I love that her header is a picture of the Forest Frolics Fabrics too!  Go read her blog and leave her a comment!

Happy Quilting!

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