Sunday, August 11, 2019

It's Maintenance Day!

After finishing the tiny quilt, I decided it was time to oil up Fanny and get her ready for some more serious sewing...We do have a busy schedule afterall.

Opening the Gibb hook to check for threads
What's on our schedule?  Well, another tiny quilt in gorgeous blues...Another memory quilt, perhaps two if there's enough fabric left, Block of the Month...and a Rebecca Page Pattern with my name on it!  Can I do it all this month?  Is that a trick question?  LOL.  No, I can't....not with my two year old!

The memory quilts will take much longer than just this month...but I can try my hardest! I always try to get my client quilts done as fast as possible - but as perfect as possible.  If it's not perfect, I rip it out and fix it.  This takes time.

Found the thread behind the hook assembly! Look at that grime!  

So before all of this gets started, I take a couple days to oil and check Fanny for routine maintenance and care.  Why does it take a couple of days?  Because I have a two year old, so everything takes longer in my new mom world.  She will literally climb into my lap while I'm working or sewing just to see what I'm doing.  She's very inquisitive!

I'll work on getting a's quite humorous when she does this! 

I think she's secretly learning how to quilt and will surprise me one day on my birthday or maybe Christmas...My stepdaughter was already sewing jelly roll strips together at my daughter's current I'm sure the bug will hit soon.  If not, I'm in for quite a shock.

I take the first day to uncover parts and oil according to the manual and let her rest until the next when I can put Fanny back together.

Hook Assembly soaking to break up the grime

A great source I have found is 

They have great tutorials available for FREE to help those who may be timid to try to care for such a machine.  I was at like that at first...I watched videos over and over again before I would attempt to do it.

You can even email them questions about your Featherweight.

I have also found several Featherweight groups on Facebook that proven helpful too!

Thankfully, I have a neighbor who is more of a "Featherweight Fanatic" than I and she has always come to my aid when I needed it. It seems like that is every couple of months!

Don't be hesitant to ask for help when you are working on your sewing machines.  You may not have a Featherweight, but you love your machine...and I have found that finding others who have the same passion and love for the same machine you do - will help you and fuel your passion even more.

Found the culprit!  Behind the hook assembly!

When was the last time you checked on your machine(s)?

Take time today and clear the lint, oil it up, and grease the gears, if need be.  Your machine will thank you!

Happy Quilting!  (& Sewing!)

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